#DIGC202 Case: The internet of things: from networked objects to ubiquitous computing

This week we take a look at the Internet of things. The origins for the term of the Internet of Things (iot) coined in 1999at the MIT Media Lab. The internet of things is simple, physical objects that are connected to the internet. An open iot, Android Open Accessory Development Kit allows people to build their own iot objects and use their Android phone as a controller. What is Internet to us? Why is Internet so important in our lives today?

Internet is the core of every device we use today. Imagine our world today without the Internet, is like having a computer but not being to search for anything. Once we are connected to the Internet, objects will be able to store and process that information and as well as independently initiate actions through cloud storage and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Even phones now needs Internet to gain accesses to social networks. Most of the app we use on iPhone and Android uses Internet connection.

Internet is used every day by everyone to search information, news, entertainment, music and to communicate. Without the Internet our world would be stuck in the past. Internet also allows us to communicate with our mobile devices. For instance, the iPhone 4S uses internet connection to communicate with Siri. Without the Internet connection we are not able to communicate with Siri. Internet connection is also needed to use Maps for iPhone and Android.

Image URL: http://www.mensxp.com/technology/phones/5847-so-what-exactly-is-siri.html

Therefore, the Internet plays an important part in our daily life and we should appreciate with what we have and use it wisely and not take it for granted.



Mitew, T, 2012, DIGC202 the Internet of Things, Prezi, assessed  7/11/2012, http://prezi.com/1lgxfron1kj0/digc202-the-internet-of-things/




3 thoughts on “#DIGC202 Case: The internet of things: from networked objects to ubiquitous computing

  1. We are now in a world where we depend on the Internet. Without it, we would run around like headless chickens. Imagine this; no journals online for assignment reference; no more Internet to find solutions; back to SMS where you have to pay-per-text; back to letters; and the list goes on. The Internet of things made changed our lives for what it is now. We are now dependent on the Internet so much that, more and more things or objects is being connected to the Internet – cars, refrigerator, phones, games consoles, watches etc. I seriously feel that one day, artificial intelligence might take over the world.

  2. We are now living in the world of technology. Most of our daily basis have to resolve with technologies and Internet. A very good example will be our smart phones because people are obsessive with smart phones and they can complete almost anything by using smart phones only. However, inventors knew how obsessive the society towards technologies and human mankind is always hunger for knowledge and power. Therefore, technologies today evolve too fast and till the extend where things that invented can be possibly out of your imagination. Another good example will be Siri as you mentioned, can you imagine people would buy something like that and talk to them? I understands that there were robots now can act and talk at their own will but people are actually buying it to talk to them ? I wouldn’t not be surprise if one day a man marry to his smart phone named Siri.

  3. Human living in the high technology society now these, compare the phone we use 5 year ago we can totally see so much different and the phone is getting more advance than past few year, and I very like the photo you have post up, which is the old man talking with a phone with a communicating system. And I also agree with your point of view that you mention internet is a very important thing for human, because without an internet we cannot do research on anything. So for my own opinion I fell internet bring lots of benefit to me, I can watch video on you tube, listen music, download music, and etc.

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