#DIGC202 Case: Apple vs Android, or the two futures of the mobile net

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This week’s reading is based on, “Google’s Open Source Android OS Will Free the Wireless Web” by Daniel Roth. Nothing is more intense today, than the battle between Apple and Google. What is all the hype about Apple vs Google? We all know that Apple is famous for making the iPod, iPhone and iPad, but why is Apple picking a fight with Google, when Google is specializing on internet search engine. Let me enlighten your curiosity, Apple is a company that cannot lose to its competitor, especially when it comes to telecommunication. When Apple heard that Google bought over Android, Steve Jobs mentioned “I think Android hurts them more than it helps them. It’s just going to divide them and people who want to be their partners”.

Google founded by Andy Rubin and Larry Page. So why all of a sudden Google decided to purchased Android and wanted to get involved in mobile? According to Rubin, (n.d.) “Phones were the way people wanted to connect with each other and with everything else”. Google was afraid that phones are going to take over PCs as the main gateway to the Internet.  Therefore, Google wanted to incorporate its search engine in a mobile phone, but it failed and that’s when Page had an idea that Google would buy Android and all their problems are solved.

Well which would you choose Apple or Android? Let’s take a look at the differences between these two operating systems. Apple’s device philosophy is closed devices, which means Apple decides the limit of functionality of the device. The users of Apple devices have no accesses to the codes. In additional, Apple has a walled garden of apps available in the Apple App Store and only Apple developers can work on OS. Apple Inc. has complete control over the operation platform, the content of the device and the user. Every app that is created needs permission from Apple Inc. to be sold in iTunes and only certain apps are allowed to be in iTunes.

Google announced the Open Headset Alliance and Android’s device philosophy is an open and free platform based on Linux kernel. Android has an open garden of apps develop by the Official Android Market, plus other numbers or unofficial app markets are allowed to create millions of independent OS. Android has no control over the platform device, the content in the device and the user.

Image URL: http://www.thehray.com/admin/epic-iphone-5-vs-android-music-videos

Based on the image above, Apple Inc. depends on huge profit margin on each sale, whereas, Android depends on small profit margin relying on long tail.

If I were to make a choice, I’d choose Apple’s iPhone. Even though, Apple has many restrictions on the platform, content and the user, I still find Apple’s iPhone is more convenient for me to use and there are some apps that are not available on the Android. I’m sure that everyone has their own opinion on which to choose.


Roth, D, 2008 ‘Google’s Open Source Android OS Will Free the Wireless Web’. Wired, June 23. [URL: http://www.wired.com/techbiz/media/magazine/16-07/ff_android]

Mitew, T, 2012, DIGC202 Apple vs Google, Prezi, assessed 3/11/1012, http://prezi.com/nbpulyal3pvo/digc202-apple-vs-google/


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