#DIGC202-Transglobal entertainment and media convergence

In this week’s topic we learned how the evolution from analogue data to digital data. From analogue data to digital data it is easier to move from different content (newspaper, radio, cinema, television and the internet) and platform (camera, smart phones, map, and GPS). How media convergence came about?. This week’s reading is on The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence, International Journal of Cultural Studies’ by Henry Jenkins. Thanks to the various kinds of content and platform, we are entering an era where media will be everywhere and use all kinds of media in relation to each other.

Image URL: http://www.cmswire.com/cms/web-engagement/enterprise-content-management-for-converging-media-channels-007804.php

The image above shows the various kinds of content and platform that we have today. We can deliver any message or information through any devices.

“By convergence I mean the flow of content across multiple media platforms, the cooperation between multiple media industries, and the migratory behaviour of media audiences”.

-Henry Jenkins (2004)

Media convergence is more than a simply technological shift and convergence technologies are more than some of their parts. Convergence is the alteration of relationship between existing technologies, industries, markets, genre and audience. Long before the invention of cell phones, the only device we use to communicate was through the pagers. Then the evolution from pagers to cell phone, that allows us to not only call but text and those were the two main functions of a cell phone. Now we have the smartphone that allows us to call, text, listen to music, play games, check the internet and use the GPS, and all those function all in one device.

Image URL: http://www.coloradotech.edu/Infographics/Tools-For-School

The image above shows how old media converge into new media over the years and in the future. Personally, I am a fan of media convergence. How Steve Jobs changed the iPod Nano to an iPod touch, to the iPhone and now the iPad. iPod Nano was only used to listen to music, then Steve Jobs upgraded it and added a touch screen effect which eventually became the iPod touch. Steve Jobs wanted to make something different by combining the iPod touch and a mobile phone all in one. The idea of being able to listen to music, surfing the internet, reading e-mails, and making a phone call all in one device is just simply brilliant. It makes our lives so much easier rather than to carry our MP3, our mobile phones and laptop. As you can see today, media convergence happens in class, students use their iPad and laptop to type down or read their notes rather than to use the conventional way, which is writing down notes or reading the notes from papers.

We all hate to admit it but, this is an inevitable fact and we can’t help but to embrace how media convergence has changed our lives and the way we communicate.


Jenkins, H. (2004) The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence, International Journal of Cultural Studies, vol.7, no.1, pp 33-43. 

3 thoughts on “#DIGC202-Transglobal entertainment and media convergence

  1. Well, our life becomes much more convenience because of media convergence but I do not agree that media convergence is 100% good to us. Try to think, you spend how many hours facing computer every day? Is it for assignment purpose or just surfing internet for fun? Human tend to become more lazy and anti social because of media convergence.

  2. Because of convergence, the demand of convergence product is at high, manufacturers has not choice but to come out with more innovative product – to do more with only one device – to keep themselves in the business. Whether it is a good thing or a bad, we always find the easiest and most convenient way to perform a task, that is our nature. I do agree, replying too much on these technologies will make us more lazy, but I for one, see it in a way that we could spend our time in a more productive way.

  3. Well I believes many inventors are inspired by Steve Job and of cause when comes to technology today, we always focus on innovation, creativity and interactive. Combining so many technologies into one small devices, who had thought the world could advance that fast? I mean is great that we could do almost everything in a smartphone devices but I believes that we should appreciate the traditional way and maintain our practice on using it. I do agree that people are too relying on these technologies and eventually people will become more lazy than before.

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